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Do deepfakes possess the capability to rewrite history?

Last updated on November 27, 2019

However, what if things had not gone to plan?

Decades later, a new art installation has utilized the newest deepfake technologies to reimagine the narrative of the moon landing.

We did not wish to do anything gimmicky, humor, or present politics, we wanted to expand people’s understanding of how deepfakes may be utilized,” Panetta informed Euronews.

“We shot one of those seminal historical events… In some ways, yes, it’s fiction, but it is also something that actually might have occurred.”

Collaborating with Ukrainian firm Respeecher, the group used a voice performer to successfully mimic the voice of Richard Nixon, also used Israeli firm Canny AI’s video conversation replacement tech to control Nixon’s lips and face.

“A deep fake is a method of basically doing a face swap, so making someone look like that they state something that they did not,” Sam Gregory, a specialist on deepfakes and Program Director of non-Witness, which boosts using movie to protect human rights, informed Euronews.

Realistically emulating language and mannerisms, deepfakes possess the capability to misinform by distorting and eroding reality. The most frequently dispersed deepfakes are sexually stimulated, increasing concerns about the way they can impact election campaigns.

Before this month, consider tank Future Advocacy published deepfakes of both major UK election candidates backing each other.

Whilst they planned to inform the general public about the hazards of deepfakes, a few social websites users insisted that the movies, stating they had been reckless and jeopardized the first objective.

“We do not wish to be adding to misinformation,” Panetta says, talking of this art setup. “We talked to lots of specialists at Harvard, MIT, USC, about different methods of combating deepfake technology”.

“A number of them are confrontational, algorithmic discovery, but also there is the civic duty of getting higher awareness of such a problem. We can not only rely on computers to take care of the issue. It has to be law, it has to be regulation, so it ought to be computers, and also, it has to be media consciousness.”

“This project comes under societal consciousness – we have attempted to get it creatively and carefully.”

“That is why we’ve gone to these lengths both to set it in an artistic setup instead of simply stick on YouTube, but also to present contextual information too.”

“In Event of Moon Disaster” is set up in a 1960s-era living space, audiences are encouraged to sit down on classic furniture, surrounded by three different displays, such as a classic television set.