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‘Do Not Believe this Will Not touch you’:’ COVID-19 Victim, 40, makes distancing Request from hospital Mattress

A guy who’s in intensive care with COVID-19 has requested for people to stick to social bookmarking principles.

Mark McClurg, a 40-year-old dad and pastor in Northern Ireland, has spent the previous week in intensive care.

“It needs to take all the life out of your lungs so you can not breathe”.

“Do not believe this will not touch you,” he cautioned. “If you obtain coronavirus and you need to enter the ICU, which usually means you are likely to fight to breathe”.

“Night and day, 24/7 they’ve spared my life. Each of the physicians and nurses, so I do not know exactly what to say, but that I adore you”.

As the circumstances continue to rise in Northern Ireland, also, he called on people to keep social distancing.

They want us. I have seen their faces, I have talked to them. A number of them come to terms they are likely to acquire coronavirus. Let that sink. Do your part, remain at home”.

“Just because we’re social distancing does not mean we can not pick up the telephone and telephone our nearest and dearest and telephone our friends and acquaintances.

“However, be smart, be kind, enjoy and guard the NHS.”