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‘Dods’ or living: Defying gravity in Norway’s’passing diving.’ Watch

They throw themselves into the air, twisting their bodies and making time stand still, before landing with a dash: initially a pastime to impress women, Norway’s game of”passing diving” now brings dozens of daredevils. Approximately 40 divers converged from the capital, Oslo, in mid-August for its yearly world championship of this game, formally recognized by its Norwegian title of”dods,” meaning departure.

Some svelte and muscular, others paunchy and tattooed, and most of the opponents are Norwegian, besides some from Sweden, Spain, Denmark, and Finland. At first glance, it may seem like just another belly flop contest. But passing diving demands an element of skill.

Jumping off a 10-metre (33-foot) tower, opponents play a stunt, holding the pose for so long as they could until it seems as though they’re going to do a colossal belly flop, even before tucking their entire body into a tight curl in the last minute as they are just about to hit the water.

In Oslo’s Frognerbadet civic pool, the natives cried for the world title warm up with stretching, push-ups, and headstands to prepare their bodies to the grueling struggle to come.

“You’ve got a few nerves,” admits Morten Falteng, the oldest competitor in nearly 60, that, together with four friends, began the game back in 1972. “And there were these five women that came to see us,” he says, his voice trailing off in the memory.

Around different social networking platforms that the movies of the risky sport have been shared by men and women. Here is just one.

‘Stress locks out’ Organisers say it had been meant as a marginally tongue-in-cheek name in the time as the sole”global” diver that year was a Norwegian adopted from Guatemala.

“When I am up there, and it is a contest, all of the fear just out locks. I will do anything when I am up there,” says Miriam Hamberg, a 22-year-old out of Sweden. For the previous two decades, the contest was open for women, who compete within their very own group. Hamberg has won the name both times. I don’t wish to be worse,” she states.

‘No gravity for Only a second.’

The entire world championship comprises of 2 occasions: classic and freestyle.

From the timeless occasion, sailors leap, their arms straight out to create a cross. Then, just before impact, they tuck their own body into a tight ball or pike place referred to as”the shrimp,” before hammering their own body immediately after effect to produce the biggest splash possible.

For the freestyle competition, spectacular moves, twisting acrobatics and other”slow movement” moves that make a feeling of suspending period – all, frequently improvised – are de rigueur.

Poolside, a jury scores that the competitions in their style, timing, creativity — and, the dimensions of the dab.

“It is hard to explain,” states Joan”Fly” Fuster, a 29-year-old Spaniard, who went from Menorca for its contest. “I love the sensation of flying and being free. Like there is no gravity for only a second.”

‘A burst’ Even though dods dives are much in the magnificent, death-defying swan dives done off the seas of Mexico, and everywhere, they could nevertheless demand lumps and knees-in-the-nose when things do not go as intended. Divers sometimes emerge in the water in need of consolation, but mainly there is a great deal of camaraderie among opponents, together with cheering, hugging and high fives.

“It is not a very tough game,” states French-Norwegian Paul Rigault, an official in the Norwegian death diving federation.