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Does Russia have coronavirus in check?

Despite assurances in their authorities, many Russians have started purchasing additional food and stockpiling supplies in expectation of a potential coronavirus-related lockdown, like the ones being levied in countries throughout the world.

President Vladimir Putin had advised Russians last week which timely steps put into place at the start of the outbreak had helped to prevent a”massive outbreak” from the nation.

As of Monday out of this world’s over 350,000 confirmed instances, just 438 have been reported in Russia.

That’s despite Russia’s population of about 144 million and its 4,000-kilometre boundary with China, where the epidemic started.

Putin imputed”prompt steps taken in progress in the very first months of the maturation of a pandemic” together with the supposed low infection rate, and stated that large areas of the nation happen to be carrying on with life as normal.

“We were able to include a mass invasion and spread of this illness in Russia. Despite a possible high degree of danger, we have to state I will return to it, the situation around the earth is in check.”

But over the weekend, Russia declared a set of strict measures like the closure of schools and borders, and cancellation of flights.

Doubts about the amounts
Suspicions are rife that the official statistics could be untrue, since the information coming from Russia appears to be conflicting. The Rosstat statistical bureau asserts pneumonia cases in Moscow increased by 37 percent in January 2020 in comparison to 2019. However, the capital’s health agency insists that the amount of out-of-hospital pneumonia cases decreased by 8% and 7 percent in the first two weeks of the year.

Health minister Mikhail Murashko claims deaths from pneumonia have diminished by 20 percent annually.

The nation’s health bureau Rospotrebnadzor says over 110,000 evaluations are completed. Nevertheless, the favorite Moskovski├» Komsomolets paper has contested the tests’ reliability in contrast to those used everywhere, since the sole Russian patients announced positive happen to be ones with a serious kind of COVID-19.