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DOJ inspector general draft report States FBI did Not spy Trump Effort

A draft copy of a report published by the Department of Justice inspector general concludes that the FBI did not spy President Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign, an individual familiar with the record supported to NBC News.

The Times first reported Wednesday that the report is expected to state the DOJ watchdog discovered no signs that the FBI attempted to put informants or undercover agents within Trump’s effort.

Trump and his allies have claimed that his 2016 effort was spied on. Attorney General William Barr advised a Senate Appropriations subcommittee in April which he believed”spying did happen” from the national authorities on Trump’s effort.

“For the identical reason, we are concerned about overseas influence in elections… I believe spying to a political campaign — it is a huge deal, it is a major deal,” Barr explained in reaction to a question from Sen. Jeanne Shaheen, D-N.H., who had inquired why Barr is looking into the roots of this FBI’s investigation.

A couple of days afterward, Trump told reporters, “I believe what he said was completely correct. There was spying into my effort. I will go a step farther — in my view, it had been illegal hacking, unprecedented spying and also something which shouldn’t ever be permitted to occur in our country “

The FBI investigated several members of their Trump effort who had been suspected of having ties to Russia, such as former Trump advisers Carter Page and George Papadopoulos, both of whom later pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI in their connections with Russia. However, the draft IG report, according to the Times, discovered that the effort itself wasn’t under surveillance and the investigations in the Trump advisers weren’t prohibited or politically inspired.

FBI Director Chris Wray in May stated he wouldn’t clarify the national government’s defense of people who worked on the Trump effort as”spying”

Asked if he had”any proof that any illegal surveillance” to the Trump 2016 effort happened, Wray stated he did not.

“I don’t believe I have some proof of the type,” Wray said.