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Donald Trump blames Ending of Afghan peace talks about Taliban

Asserting the Afghan peace talks are lifeless, US President Donald Trump attributed the end from the discussions to the Taliban and stated that the team is presently being hit harder than previously.

“I will tell you something –we’re hitting the Taliban now more challenging than they have ever been struck,” Trump said The US president stated that the Taliban did so because they believed by doing so they will have the upper hand in negotiations.

“What they did was dreadful… When they murdered a fantastic American soldier–once they murdered 12 people–innocent people– basically, innocent individuals because, if you look, I suggest a lot of these folks were civilians,” he explained.

“You also had a NATO soldier along with our amazing solider. But when they did exactly what they did to be able to make what they believed was a much better negotiating position I said that is the end of them–out them. I don’t need anything to do together. They have been struck,” he explained.

“I know for a fact that they stated that was a major mistake they left and it had been. However, that was my choice and what we’re doing today is my conclusion,” he explained when asked about his decision to encourage the Taliban into Camp David for discussions and then canceling it suddenly.

“The discussions with the Taliban are lifeless,” Trump said.

On Saturday last, the US president canceled a”covert” summit with Taliban leaders along with his Afghan counterpart after the attack in Kabul, dealing a setback to protracted negotiations which were nearing a peace agreement to end America’s greatest war.

Included in this planned deal, the US would draw 5,400 troops out of Afghanistan over 20 weeks. The US now has about 14,000 soldiers from the nation.