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Donald Trump says he Spoke’mutual defense’ treaty with Netanyahu

He said this arrangement would”further anchor the enormous alliance” between the two nations.

“I look forward to continuing those discussions following the Israeli Elections once we meet in the United Nations later this month!” Trump added, providing a tacit last-minute acceptance to Netanyahu’s re-election bid.

Taking to the identical moderate, Netanyahu thanked”his beloved friend” Trump.

“The Jewish State hasn’t experienced a better friend in the White House,” the Israeli maximum tweeted.

“I look forward to our meeting in the UN to progress a historical Defense Treaty between the USA and Israel.” Netanyahu also vowed to”continue whole steam ahead with our shared battle against terrorism,” congratulating Trump” in your most recent victory against Bin Laden’s son.”

The remarks come as the worldwide community expects the launch of Washington’s long-delayed Middle East peace plan, which Secretary of State Mike Pompeo lately said could come in weeks.

Its novel was pushed back following Israel scheduled new elections, set for Tuesday.

Next week, among the essential architects of the US program, Jason Greenblatt, declared his resignation.

Trump has boasted that he’s the very pro-Israeli US president ever. He’s slashed help to the Palestinians, while making enormous concessions to the Israelis, such as formalizing US recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of the Jewish nation.

Because of this, the Palestinian Authority has cut formal contact with the Trump government, saying it isn’t an honest agent.

Thus far, Trump hasn’t commented on Netanyahu’s contentious assurance to annex Israeli settlements in the occupied West Bank in addition to the Jordan Valley if re-elected — that might appear to go past US suggestions for property swaps involving Israel and the Palestinians.

Netanyahu, 69, is fighting with his next election in five weeks with a possible corruption indictment looming. He suffered a significant defeat in April when his Likud party together with its own right-wing and spiritual allies won a majority. However, he failed to create a coalition.