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Donald Trump says He’s considering restoring some Funds to WHO, no Choice made

U.S. President Donald Trump said on Saturday his government was considering numerous proposals regarding the World Health Organization, such as one where Washington would cover about 10 percent of its former level.

In a post on Twitter,” Trump underscored that no last decision was made and U.S. financing for the international health agency stayed suspended.

Trump suspended U.S. donations to the WHO on April 14, accusing it of encouraging China’s”disinformation” about the coronavirus outbreak and stating his government would establish an overview of their company.

Fox News, citing a draft correspondence, reported on Friday that Trump was not able to revive partial funding to the WHO, fitting China’s assessed contribution.

In the event the USA matches China’s participation, since the Fox report signaled, it’s fresh funding level will probably be approximately one-tenth its preceding funding amount of roughly $400 million annually.

Responding to criticism about resuming obligations, Trump said, “This is merely one of the numerous theories being contemplated under which we’d cover 10 percent of that which we’ve been paying over several decades, fitting considerably lower China payments. Don’t make a final choice. All funds are suspended.”