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“Down with the Tsar!” Anti-Putin protests erupt over arrest of’favorite’ regional governor

Thousands gathered in a central square and a few cried, “Shame on Moscow!” , “Putin’s a burglar!” And”Away with the tsar!” Speaking about President Vladimir Putin.

They were angry following Sergei Furgal, the popular governor in the area who had been arrested on Thursday and flown to Moscow on murder charges.

Russia’s primary criminal investigation body states he’s suspected of involvement in many murders of businessmen in 2004 and 2005 until his political career started.

Furgal appeared in court in Moscow on Friday and has been ordered to stay in pre-trial detention for 2 months.

Unusually, the authorities made no effort to split up Saturday’s rally or detain anybody.

“We’ve chosen him and it is up to us to judge him. We encourage him and do not know why he had been taken to Moscow,” one protester said as he awakened.

“I need him to be published and to remain. None of these speculations are proved. We encourage Furgal and require his release,” the other protester said.

Additional protests broke out in cities in the area.

Furgal conquers President Putin’s candidate for governor with a landslide in elections two decades back.

His sudden success revealed increasing public frustration with Putin’s policies and also marked a debilitating setback for the primary Kremlin party, United Russia.

The demonstration was the largest in the area for decades, and this will be an eight-hour trip from Moscow.