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Dozens Detained at anti-lockdown protests in London

Dozens of people were detained on Saturday amid protests against lockdown steps meant to stem the spread of coronavirus.

Activists and conspiracy theorists took to the streets to protest against the COVID-19 vaccine that police expect to roll out shortly.

The Metropolitan Police has previously warned that the parties wouldn’t be allowed given limitations currently set up to resist coronavirus in England.

The demonstrators, some with placards reading”stop controlling us” and”no longer lockdowns,” flew across Oxford Street and Regent Street at the town’s principal shopping district.

Police officers directed several individuals off in handcuffs after protesters ignored requests to distribute.

The police force said over 60 people were detained and the number was expected to grow.

Mass gatherings are prohibited under England’s present lockdown measures.

Britain’s relatively small but outspoken anti-lockdown movement consists of anti-vaccine activists, conspiracy theorists, and individuals who consider the limitations infringe civil liberties.