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Drinking Water to Stay Healthy

Why is water important for us?

We have all heard about drinking water to keep a good body system. But have you wondered why? What is the role of water in human body? Let’s try to have an insight into this interesting idea. 

Water comprises of 60% of human body’s composition present not just in blood but in every cell. Our body loses its fluid constantly thorough sweat, urine and breath and as a result we need to replenish it timely.

Not taking adequate water can cause multiple problems.  It thickens the blood which puts more effort on heart to pump it throughout the body.  When there is lack of supply of blood, it deteriorates the oxygen flow. Besides impairment to other organs, our heart and brain are susceptible to immediate reaction because of this insufficiency which can result in major damage.

Additionally, water aids in even bowel mechanism, proper muscle performance and overall keeping you energised. Lack of sufficient water will not just make you go dehydrated but also show in adverse symptoms including but not limited to headache, acidity, lethargy body, weakened immunity and dry wrinkled skin. 

So, how much water should one intake?

While there are different ideas about drinking water, health authorities usually recommend taking 2 litres of water which is approximately 8 glasses. Now how this water is to be taken depends practically on your body needs and work routine, however one can follow below mentioned brief tips on when to take water:

  1. Start your day with 2-3  glasses of warm water

Gone are the days when people loved bed tea. The present fitness freak and health conscious generation knows the harmful effects of empty stomach tea. However, if some of you still feel the urge of sipping on something, stick to a glass of warm or even hot water if you can. Taking water empty stomach not just helps in detoxification of body but also ensures that you do not waste the first saliva which is full of medical properties.

  1. Before and after meal

One can take water 30 minutes before or after taking meal.  While the off late researches prove that it is not totally harmful taking small quantity of hot drink or plain water during the meal, certainly it can cause discomfort if one takes it in excess. 

  1. How about taking another glass of water in the evening

Well, it is not uncommon to have tea or coffee in the evening in most of the houses, we would here suggest preceding it with a glass of warm water. This will aid you in digestion which can go wrong as a result of immediate sleep after heavy lunch. Also it vitalises you for the rest of day.

  1. And finally before sleeping

Drinking warm water before sleeping helps you maintain the hydration level of the body. It aids in taking off the toxins too.

With the numerous benefits that water offers, it would not be wrong to label it as a health drink. Taking it in right proportions and right time can help one to maintain a healthy and an active body.