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Dubai’s Sheikh Mohammed abducted Brothers, Jeopardized ex-wife, U.K. judge Principles

Judge Andrew McFarlane stated he admitted as demonstrated that a string of allegations made by Mohammed’s former spouse, Princess Haya bint al-Hussein, 45, half-sister of Jordan’s King Abdullah during a custody battle over their two kids in London’s High Court.

Included in the custody instance, McFarlane, president of the Family Court branch in England and Wales, made a series of”findings of fact” about allegations raised by Haya throughout hearings within the previous nine months.

He stated he telephoned her claim that Mohammed ordered for his daughter Shamsa, then 18, to be chased off the streets of Cambridge in central England in 2000, also had her hauled back to Dubai.

Also, he mastered it had been demonstrated that the sheik had ordered Shamsa’s younger sister Latifa to be hauled from a ship in international waters away India from Indian forces in 2018 and returned into the emirate in what had been her moment failed escape effort.

Both stayed there”deprived of their freedom”, McFarlane said.

From the conclusions published Thursday, McFarlane admitted the sheik exposed Haya into a campaign of intimidation that made her fear of her life.

He explained the sheik, who wed Haya in 2004, had divorced her about the 20th anniversary of the passing of her father, King Hussein of Jordan — the time she stated was willful.

Save for some”limited exceptions”, McFarlane said he’d reasoned that Haya had”established her case related to the factual allegations she’s made.”

The judge’s decisions were created in December but might just be noted after restrictions were raised Thursday following the U.K. Supreme Court earlier rejected Mohammed’s petition for permission to appeal contrary to their book.

McFarlane reported the allegations made by Haya concerning the abduction and torture of Shamsa and Latifa and the threats made against her were established, with the exclusion of her claim an arranged union was being hunted between Jalila along with Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman.

Back in July, the judge had issued a temporary driven union protection order regarding Jalila over Haya’s anxieties but said that these were just based on hearsay evidence.

“The allegations that the dad ordered and ordered the kidnap and rendition into Dubai of his brothers Shamsa and Latifa are of an extremely large order of seriousness,” McFarlane said.

“They might well involve findings on the civil standard, of conduct that is against the criminal law of England and Wales, international law, international marine law enforcement, and internationally accepted human rights standards.”

McFarlane said the sheik had denied all of the allegations but said of his accounts about Shamsa and Latifa who”he hasn’t been open and truthful with the court”.

“I have discovered that the dad acted as he did about Shamsa and Latifa, and I’ve discovered that he proceeds to sustain a regime where both both of these young girls are deprived of their freedom, albeit within household lodging in Dubai,” he explained.