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Dutee Chand gets Chosen for Doha World Championships

Sprinter Dutee Chand on Tuesday was chosen from the 25-member Indian group for upcoming Doha World Championships, slated to start from September 27 this season. “I’m selected from the 25-member national group for #DohaWorldChampionships, beginning September 27.

Chand was in remarkable form this season since she listed a gold medal earlier this season in the World University Games at Napoli.

Chand had won the gold medal in only 11.32 seconds from the championship.

She holds the 100m nationwide record with 11.24 minutes.

From the graphics, would be the winners also, with a heart of Gold in Germany and Sweden.

The 23-year-old had made news headlines at the start of the year following her disclosure of being at a same-sex relationship.

“That is my private issue. I am certain that everything will be OK in a month or 2. On the global level, there are lots of athletes (who are at a same-sex relationship). To live, everyone wants a partner who knows your heart. We enjoy each other so we chose to live together. She gives me inspiration for my game. My concentrate on sports is undamaged,” she’d said.

“Problem will come and go in the long run, nobody could take the promise of the. However, I believe there will not be an issue. In case it will not happen, I will have the ability to concentrate more on my training. My focus is really on Olympics 2020 (to be stored in Tokyo).