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Dying for a better Lifestyle: South Koreans Pretend their funerals for Lifetime Courses

A South Korean agency is supplying free funerals — but just to the living.

Over 25,000 individuals have engaged in bulk”living funeral” providers in Hyowon Healing Center since it started in 2012, hoping to enhance their own lives by mimicking their deaths.

“After you become aware of passing, and encounter it, you tackle a fresh approach to lifestyle,” stated 75-year-old Cho Jae-hee, that engaged in a current surviving funeral as part of a”dying well” program provided by her older welfare center.

Dozens participate in case, from teens to retirees, donning shrouds, carrying youth portraits, penning their past testaments, and lying at a closed coffin for about 10 minutes.

University pupil Choi Jin-kyu started his time at the coffin assisted him realize that too frequently, he has seen others as rivals.

“When I had been at the coffin, I wondered what usage which is,” stated the 28-year-old, adding he intends to begin his own company after graduation instead of trying to input a highly-competitive job marketplace.

Many younger South Koreans have high hopes for schooling and employment, that are hurried with a cooling market and increasing joblessness.

“It is crucial to learn and prepare yourself for departure even at a young age,” explained Professor Yu Eun-sil, a physician at Asan Medical Center’s pathology department, that has written a novel about death.

Funeral company Hyowon started offering the dwelling funerals to help individuals appreciate their own lives, and seek reconciliation and forgiveness with family members and friends, said Jeong Yong-mun, who heads the healing center.

“We do not have forever,” he explained. “That is why I feel this experience is so important — we could apologize and succeed earlier and live the remainder of our lives “

Sometimes he’s dissuaded those considering suicide.

“I chose out those individuals who’ve asked themselves if… they could commit suicide, and I reversed their choice,” Jeong said.

The concept of private worth resounded with Choi.

“I wish to let folks know they issue, and that somebody else could be so sad when they were gone,” he said, wiping tears away. “Happiness is at the current.”