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Edward Snowden granted permanent residency in Russia, his Attorney confirms

Former U.S. safety contractor Edward Snowden was given permanent residency in Russia, his attorney said Thursday.

Snowden, a former builder with all the U.S. National Security Agency, was living in Russia because 2013 to escape prosecution in the U.S. after leaking classified documents detailing government surveillance applications.

“Now, Snowden was given a residency license for an infinite period,” his Russian lawyer Anatoly Kucherena told Russia’s nation Tass news agency.

Kucherena told the Interfax news agency that the program was filed in April, but as a result of the coronavirus pandemic and lockdown limitations, it required the immigration government more time to take into account. Snowden managed to acquire permanent residency rights due to the changes in Russia’s immigration legislation created in 2019, ” the attorney said.

Kucherena added that Snowden isn’t contemplating applying for Russian citizenship right now.

Snowden, who’s maintained a very low profile in Russia and sometimes criticized Russian government guidelines on social networking, stated last year he was prepared to come back to this U.S. if he is guaranteed a reasonable trial.