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Eleven dead in Czech Construction fire

At least 11 people died and 10 others were hurt in an apartment building fire at the north-east Czech Republic on Saturday afternoon.

The fire broke out on the 11th floor of a 13-story construction in the town of Bohumin, on the Czech-Polish border.

By firefighters spokesman Lukas Popp, six people were murdered inside an apartment on the 11th floor, including three kids.

Five additional people died after leaping on the 12th floor, according to Interior Minister Jan Hamacek, that talked to the people radio.

The two Hamacek as well as also the head of the regional authorities, Ivo Vondrak, implied the fire is very likely to have been set intentionally.

Regional firefighter chief Vladimir Vlcek claimed that the fire spread unusually fast throughout the whole apartment but said police were investigating the cause of the blaze.

Regional main police officer Tomas Kuzel said authorities have arrested one individual about the incident.

The building belongs to Bohumin Town Hall.