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Ellen DeGeneres Inquires’texted your Supervisor Unintentionally,’ Twitter obliges with Humorous posts

It is not a massive deal unless the incorrect text lands to the inbox of your supervisor. Afterward, matters can take a different turn. And believe it or not, it occurs quite frequently as is shown in this Twitter ribbon. TV host Ellen DeGeneres chose to the micro-blogging website to ask folks about their text accidents between their managers, and the result is hilarious.

DeGeneres shared with a screenshot of a man or woman who inadvertently texted his boss while arranging a trip with his buddy. We wish to understand your text trade! #SorryBoss,” she tweeted together with the picture.

It was not long until people began sharing their adventures. While a few said they ended up grocery lists for their boss, some tweeted which they wrongly texted”hugs” and kisses” for their exceptional.