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‘End of Narrative’: Republicans State US election Won’t be Postponed after Trump tweet

Members of Donald Trump’s political party rebuked the potential for a possible election delay following the US leader floated the idea in a tweet.

Citing unfounded worries about voting by post, Trump asked if the upcoming November presidential election ought to be postponed on account of this coronavirus pandemic.

The US president has no authority under US legislation to alter national elections. Congress can do so however, the election has to happen before January whenever the president’s term ends.

But members of this president’s party said the election could still happen, as evidenced by legislation.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, a Republican from Kentucky, affirmed to some local TV channel which the date of November 3 has been set in stone.

“Never in the history of the nation during wars, depressions and the Civil War have we not had a scheduled election in time, and we are going to find a means to do that again this November 3rd,” McConnell said.

“We will deal with whatever the problem is and have the election on November 3rd as already scheduled,” he added.

Our voting system in NH is protected, secure, and trustworthy. We’ve done it 100% of their time for 100 years — this season will not be any different.”

Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley, yet another high ranking Republican, said it didn’t matter what one person stated.

“We are a nation based on the principle of law, and we would like to adhere to the law,” Grassley said, according to the Associated Press.

Senator John Barrasso, a top-ranking Republican in Wyoming, told Fox Business News that Congress wouldn’t postpone the election.

“We are likely to get the election finished and voting finished by election day. It is going to take some time to get all the votes counted I’m sure,” he explained.

In a media briefing on Thursday,” Trump said that he didn’t need to modify the election but said he remained worried about voter fraud when folks vote by post.

“I do not need to postpone. I need the election. However, I also don’t wish to wait around for three weeks and then determine that the ballots are entirely missing, and the election does not mean anything,” he said, according to AP.

At least 46 US states permit some sort of voting by post but there’s not been any proof of voter fraud. Five countries have systems together with postal ballots.