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Erdogan & Putin Agree Measures To’Normalise’ Scenario In Syria’s Idlib

Both states back distinct sides in war-torn Syria using Moscow backing Syrian President Bashar al-Assad while Ankara supports rebels.

But they signed the Sochi Memorandum this past year, pledging to make a demilitarized zoned in Syria’s Idlib governate.

But less than two weeks before, a Turkish convoy filled with munitions and that had spanned into Idlib state has been targeted by Allied airstrikes. Syrian state media said the caravan was intended to assist insurgents and blasted Turkey’s”competitive” move. It confirmed”the conclusion of this Syrian Arab Army to maintain searching the remnants of terrorists.”

Speaking to reporters after Erdogan’s one-day visit to Russia, both leaders underlined that Syria should remain a unified nation.

“I carried our nation’s decision on this issue personally to my beloved friend Mr. Putin,” he explained.

The Turkish leader added that Ankara would continue its defense business collaboration with Moscow.

Last month, Turkey received the initial shipment of a Russian-made missile defense program, a movement that’s fanned worries with its NATO allies and watched it eliminated from a combined F-35 attack fighter program.

The US contended that the Russian S-400 system might be utilized to collect data on the capacities of this F-35 fighter jet and also the data might wind up in Russian hands.

Earlier in the afternoon, Erdogan and Putin visited Russia’s 14th International Aviation a Space Salon in which they saw demonstration flights of Russian combat aircraft such as the Su-34, Su-35, and SU-57.

Putin stated he and Erdogan discussed collaboration on Russia’s Su-35 jet and potential joint work on its new Su-57.