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Erdogan renews Syria’Atmosphere and Floor’ operation threat

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Saturday Revived Turkey’s threat to Establish an”Atmosphere and ground” Performance in Syria from a Kurdish militia Seen as terrorists from Ankara.

“We have created our preparations, finished our performance aims, provided the necessary directions,” Erdogan said during a speech, including that the offensive may begin”when today, tomorrow”.

“We will run this (operation) on the floor and in the atmosphere,” he added, stating it could be east of the Euphrates river.

Erdogan has threatened to establish a cross-border offensive and lately indicated that progress to the zone using the US wasn’t growing as Ankara desired.

While there were joint US-Turkey patrols, Turkey would like to desperately establish a”secure zone” for the return of up to 2 thousand Syrian refugees.

Turkey is currently home to over 3.6 million Syrian refugees however there’s been a growing public backlash from their existence.

Ankara needs to drive US-backed Syrian Kurdish People’s Security Units (YPG) militia out of its boundary, stating that the team is a”terrorist” offshoot of Kurdish insurgents in Turkey.

However, the YPG has worked closely with American troops in the struggle against the Islamic State extremist group, recapturing land in northern Syria.

The Turkish army has double launched offensives in Syria from IS in 2016 and contrary to the YPG in 2018.