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Erdogan unveils prototypes of All’TOGG’ — Turkey’s first National car

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has introduced prototypes of a domestically-produced electric automobile, putting him nearer to meeting a long-held fantasy of constructing Turkey’s first”national” auto.

Erdogan showcased the SUV and sedan versions of the automobile, known for now as TOGG following a consortium of Turkish businesses which will produce them at a service in Gebze, in Turkey’s northwestern industrial heartland.

The president offered to place his name back on a potential record for advance orders. The Turkish vehicles have been predicted to hit the marketplace in 2022.

“We’re seeing a historical day, realizing a 60-year fantasy,” Erdogan said. “I understand our people are waiting for the day that they could have this vehicle.”

The Turkish leader has pushed industrialists to construct a national car as part of the vision for making Turkey an economic powerhouse.

Turkish press reports said the car was created by Italy’s Pininfarina design firm, which has generated models for Ferrari and California-based electric automobile maker Karma.

Erdogan said the cars could be made at a factory to be constructed on former military-owned property in the state of Bursa. The mill, scheduled to be finished in 2021, is anticipated to employ 4,300 individuals.

TOGG chief executive Gurcan Karakas stated Turkey expects to make five unique versions of the automobile over 15 decades.

The TOGG is Turkey’s second attempt to generate a Turkish-made automobile. Throughout the 1960s, a bunch of Turkish engineers assembled prototypes of an automobile named Devrim, or Revolution in English,

Several foreign manufacturers, such as Ford and Toyota, are constructed in Turkey.