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Esha Gupta on being Known as gareebon ki Angelina Jolie:’Yeah, but you Are calling Your Self gareeb there’

Being in comparison with Angelina Jolie can make anybody happy but not if it is said as a backhanded compliment. Esha Gupta frequently gets about the Hollywood celebrity for her great looks but trolls occasionally get overly impolite about it.

Now, she’s shown how she looks at these remarks. Talking to Bollywood Life, Esha stated, “She is (Angelina) one of the latest girls. You know what annoys me personally, well…not anymore, but that which used to frighten me when people are nasty sooner, and would really like to troll…now they have become much less bitter. And, I’d like to say’Yeah, but you are calling your self gareeb (bad ) there.’ I am not saying I did not ask to appear like this, it is my parents’ creation and that I look like this.”

But, Esha does concur that she occasionally does seem like Angelina. “Yeah, I do, however, I will be fair, I don’t see it (the analogy with Jolie’s visage). I might have seen it a few times when folks do this collage with just two posters. So, at the moment, the images they picked up, I was like,’Ok possibly.’ Additionally, I have always believed I look like my mom. However, when folks say this, and like I mentioned, if they put the images together, then I am like,’Yeah, maybe,” she explained.

Esha now plays with the female protagonist at the brand new season of this internet series REJCTX. She says she saw the first season of this series, she didn’t understand that Goldie Behl had led it until she moved to meet with the maker.

“When I saw that the first season of this series, I had been watching to be an audience and it was an engaging, intriguing series. I didn’t attempt and learn who the manager was. It appeared an interesting show about a lot of college children, their own world, their equation together with the professor, and so forth. When Goldie phoned me to the role in the next season, I confessed to him’sorry Goldie, I didn’t know you left the series!

From the series, she describes the nature of an investigating officer delegated to solve the murder puzzle of Professor Anushka Rao. REJCTX flows on ZEE5.