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Essex lorry deaths: Notebook Maurice Robinson pleads guilty to Helping illegal immigration

A 25-year-old lorry driver charged with manslaughter over the discovery of 39 bodies at the rear of his automobile container has pleaded guilty to helping illegal immigration and obtaining offender land.

Maurice”Mo” Robinson, from Northern Ireland, didn’t enter a request for his additional 41 charges, including 39 of manslaughter.

There’s currently no need to get a trial scheduled; nonetheless, Robinson is due to appear in court in mid-December.

The 39 sufferers, all Vietnamese nationals, were located at the back of a refrigerated lorry container within a commercial park at Essex in October.

Robinson is one of three people who were detained in Ireland and the UK, and a lot of other arrests are made in Vietnam.

Others are released on bond pending additional investigation in the case.

It’s a situation that has since attracted a spotlight to human trafficking cases across Europe, with many reported because of the gruesome discovery.

Last week, over a dozen migrants were located at the rear of a lorry aboard a ferry traveling from France to Ireland.

The migrants were described by police to maintain”good health”, and undertook medical evaluations upon arrival in Ireland.