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EU Cautions Brexit deadline Renders’Hardly Any time’ for Transaction Arrangement

EU leaders on Wednesday cautioned about the”challenging” Brexit program for 2020 as Britain hastened its progress towards passing.

Speaking in the European Parliament’s plenary in Strasbourg, EU Commission president Ursula von der Leyen explained that the Brexit transition deadline of December 2020 abandoned”very little time” to the European and British sides to achieve a trade agreement.

“If we can’t complete an agreement by the end of 2020, we’ll confront again a cliff-edge scenario”, von der Leyen explained. “And this could harm our interests”

It follows a similar warning from the European Commission president a week.

It might have the power of a global treaty and contains safeguards for taxpayers’ rights — people of EU nationals residing in the united kingdom, and Britons in the continent.

Nevertheless, the upcoming UK-EU relationship still must be exercised, and also the British government is ruling out an expansion of this post-Brexit transition interval, due to expire at the end of next year.

Von der Leyen pledged to”make the most of the brief period”, declaring: “On February 1, we’ll be prepared to suggest a mandate for the negotiations.”

Regretting that the UK would become”a third state” in the discussions, von der Leyen stated she expected that the UK and the EU will be”good neighbors” in the conclusion of the procedure and commended”courageous” British MEPs in one of the final EU Parliamentary sessions.

“In the end, I expect — for the interest of the European individuals and the interest of the British public — which we have an unparalleled venture”, she explained.

Caution over taxpayers’ rights
Meanwhile, the European Parliament Brexit planner Guy Verhofstadt cautioned that parliament may not automatically vote to the Withdrawal Agreement, also reminded everyone about the matter of taxpayers’ rights,” which he stated isn’t”resolved”.

“Everybody supposes the European Parliament will provide mechanically its approval to the Withdrawal Agreement”, Verhoftstadt explained.

“Not if the residual issues with the taxpayers’ rights aren’t resolved.

Verhofstadt added that he’s received”countless letters of taxpayers panicking about their standing” and sentenced to British PM Boris Johnson to”be ample in [his] success”.

“Grant to all EU citizens the complete rights as they have now”, Verhofstadt requested Johnson. “Automatically. To them all.

Verhofstadt said he believed EU member states must grant UK taxpayers residing in Europe similar rights.

A date for the own vote has not yet been scheduled.

The British authorities and PM Boris Johnson will set the agreement to a vote at the British parliament on Friday (December 20).