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EU enlargement: Brussels ‘can open membership talks’ by Albania including North Macedonia

Varhelyi took to Twitter to affirm the bloc’s 27 EU members had attained the arrangement, including that this”additionally sends a loud and clear message to the Western Balkans: the future is in the EU”.

Croatia, which retains the baton to the rotating Presidency of the European Council, stated that this is a”recognition of their substantial reform attempts taken by both nations”.

The nation needed to be signaled their goal to push accession talks into the peak of the schedule when starting their tenure of carrying the six-month rotating presidency in January, Croatia is the newest to join the bloc in 2011.

North Macedonia’s foreign affairs minister, Nikola Dimitrov, took to Twitter stating the EU’s decision”in this dire time is a sign of its true strength”.

Meanwhile, his Albanian counterpart, Gent Cakaj, hailed it as a”historic achievement” adding that their devotion toward EU membership is”unwavering”.

Albania along with quite a few different nations were signaled as possible candidates to join the bloc in the Thessaloniki European Council summit in 2003.

French President Emmanuel Macron had vetoed EU membership talks with the two countries in October 2019, combined with Denmark and the Netherlands.