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EU foreign Ministry: Belarus elections were’neither free nor fair’

The EU’s foreign minister has contested the violence against protesters in the aftermath of the presidential elections in Belarus, calling the elections”neither free nor fair”.

The reelection of Alexander Lukashenko to get a sixth consecutive term as president of Belarus – the president that the nation has ever had – was met with large protests from the nation, and skepticism regarding the fairness of this election overseas.

The most important opposition to Lukashenko, Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya, has fled to Lithuania. Her husband, who was also a former presidential candidate standing against Lukashenko, is now in detention in Belarus.

In a statement, Borrell stated: “State police deployed disproportionate and unacceptable violence resulting in a minimum of one death and several injuries. Thousands of individuals were arrested along with the crackdown on freedoms of media and saying intensified.

“We call on the Belarusian government to release immediately and unconditionally all arrested. What’s more, credible reports of national observers reveal that the electoral procedure did not satisfy the global standards due to an OSCE participating State.”

“The people of Belarus deserve,” he added, warning that the association between the EU and Belarus could”just get worse” given the conditions.

He said the EU could take steps against those responsible for violence and falsifying election results.

Police officers were spotted utilizing flash-bang grenades and rubber bullets to push thousands of protesters flooding the roads throughout the nation to get a second successive day on Monday.

According to an interior ministry spokeswoman, 1 guy died in the most recent demonstration after an explosive device detonated within his palms.

Dozens of people were hurt, while 3,000 more were arrested.

EU spokesperson Peter Stano said the bloc was phoning for Belarus to”be certain the choice, the actual selection of the Belarusian people is represented in these results.”

Stano additional”the police must listen to the voice of the people. They must respect their basic rights.”