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EU-Turkey migration Bargain is’dead,” warns Greek PM Kyriakos Mitsotakis

Greece’s Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis says that the EU-Turkey migration bargain is dead. In a meeting with CNN, he said Turkey has”decided to completely violate the agreement due to what occurred in Syria.”

Amid reports of tensions between the Greek and Turkish coast defenses, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan educated that the Turkish coastguard to stop migrants from crossing to Greece on ships.

“Illegal migrant crossings across the Aegean Sea are prohibited as a result of dangers,” the Turkish coastguard said about Erdogan’s directions.

Nevertheless, tens of thousands of migrants are stalled at the land boundary between both nations.

“it is a conscious effort by Turkey to utilize migrants and refugees as behavioral pawns to promote its interest.”

Additionally, Mitsotakis accuses Turkey of spreading false news about the events in the boundary and points out that those that are crossing aren’t Syrians, that are fleeing because of the violence in Idlib.

He defended Greece’s activities, stating that his nation is only protecting its sovereign boundaries, accusing Turkey of inviting folks to cross into Greece illegally. Mitsotakis added that”Europe isn’t likely to be blackmailed,” a reality Erdogan might need to recognize.

Greece has called the situation a danger to its domestic security and frozen asylum software for a month in reaction.

The drive into the Greek border has looked organized, AP reported, together with cars and buses ferrying folks from Istanbul, and a few refugees in the border stating that Turkish authorities had advised them to move there.

Hashim, a 21-year-old Pakistani migrant who did not offer a surname stated he was able to enter Greece and has been shipped back to Turkey by Greek troops.

“Turk military says ‘Proceed to the boundary ‘ As soon as we cross Greek boundary, Greece military take our cash, mobile (phones) and say’ Go back, return,”’ he told The Associated Press. “If we do not return, they will conquer they will throw away our phones and cash (in) the lake. And they eliminate our clothing. We come here in panties. It’s not human”

On Thursday, Turkey said that it had been deploying 1,000 unique operations authorities to stop Greek border guards against sending those who were able to cross.

Blame game involving Greece and Turkey
On its official website, the Turkish coastguard accused its Greek counterpart of undermining refugee ships, noting it appeared 97 migrants from 3 ships on March 5, which was left behind by Greece half-sunk.

Mitsotakis called these offenses completely unacceptable, stating”Greece has revealed its humankind during the whole refugee crisis” He added that the country had opened its own homes and hubs for refugees for ages.

According to the Greek press, the Turkish army and police have been encouraging migrants in their efforts to illegally cross the boundary.

Greek country channel ERT revealed videos on Sunday, where Turkish soldiers could allegedly be viewed since they’re kicking and hitting migrants to push them towards the boundary.

A new migration bargain?
In return, Ankara would get financial aid to look after the refugees it’s hosting. Turkey had obtained in about 3.6 million refugees from Syria.

But Erdogan insists that his nation needs more cash to deal with the pressure.

He added that any additional payments wouldn’t be as extensive as earlier financial aid, because”many schools, kindergartens and hospitals for refugees have been assembled and do not need to be funded again.”

Erdogan will soon be traveling to Brussels on Monday to locate a way to solve the continuing crisis about the Greek-Turkish boundaries.