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EU warns Serbia to cancel free trade pact with Russia in Case it Needs to Combine bloc

Brussels has warned Serbia it has to dissolve a planned new free-trade deal with Russia in case it needs to join the European Union.

The Balkan nation said it intended to combine with the Moscow-led Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU) in October.

However, a European Commission spokesperson advised Euronews that Serbia would need to draw from all present bilateral free trade arrangements before joining the bloc.

The EU’s single market compared now contains over 500 million customers, value $17 trillion

Botsan-Kharchenko stated in a tweet which”that is a substantial occasion” that”the press is paying due attention to”.

The EAEU, that was launched in 2015, comprises Russia, Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, and Kyrgyzstan as members.

It implemented to become an EU member in 2009, becoming an official candidate in 2012, together with discussions starting in 2014 but little progress was made since then.

Many in Belgrade dread that the country will not become a formal member until 2025.

Both Serbia and Kosovo have been advised to solve their differences to restart membership discussions with the EU.

Talks between the two nations broke down in November when Kosovo struck a 100 percent tax on Serbian and Bosnian products to retaliate against them never recognizing the land-locked land for a country.