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Euronews interviews EU parliament Main David Sassoli

He shifted his profession to European politics ten years back. Throughout his period as an MEP, he concentrated his attention and action on ongoing problems like migration.

Euronews’ European Union Affairs Correspondent Elena Cavallone met him in Brussels in the European Parliament in an Essential time for the Europe Union; the European Commission has postponed the beginning of its mandate because of this rejection by the European Parliament of all of those nominated commissioners. It is arguably an odd confrontation between both of these associations.

European Parliament’functioning nicely’
“Many candidates are vetted and accepted,” he explained. “Three applicants were refused and they have been replaced. Thus far, we have postponed the procedure by one month; that is not that far. However, we must initiate the legislature and enable the European Commission to get the job done.

“I will state, with a little bit of optimism, which they’ll have the ability to begin their mandate on December 1st.”

“Why? It’s an act of democracy and transparency. It was transparent. The evaluation of possible conflicts of interest and also the hearings happened publicly. When associations accept their duties seriously, they represent the taxpayers’ interests”

Europe’nevertheless the Frequent home’
We’ve observed the populists soaring in several nations. Most recently in the most recent Spanish general election, in which the civic celebration Vox doubled its chairs. Why does Sassoli believe these organizations were making profits?

“They have improved, but they have not managed to take more than European associations. Throughout the campaign for the European elections, they stated they’d ruin Europe. They stated it had been better that each nation lived by itself.

“Yes, these forces made profits in certain countries, but generally the notion that Europe remains the frequent house is quite powerful.”

Can Sassoli believe this isolating of MEPs who have been democratically elected for a sensible step?

The pro-European parties have determined that nationalists have to be held at bay.

“That is because nationalism is a virus into a Europe that has to stay united and strong.”

However, Sassoli does not feel these are indications that European values are in crisis.

“We’re reacting to all this with all these values,” he explained. “If we did not have European worth, those who endanger the Senator will most likely be empowered. Perhaps they’d feel more powerful. But they’re isolated – since our values make us stronger”

Turning to the topic of Brexit, European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker has lately told Euronews the British have been part-time Europeans.

“For us, naturally, it is painful,” he explained. “We believed we’d never get to the stage, but we must honor the decision of those British taxpayers. It’s much better to get an orderly Brexit compared to a one. We also stated the same to Boris Johnson: an orderly departure is most suitable for everybody.

“Together with the referendum on Brexitthey expected to split Europe however, in the long run, they did not manage this. Such as the nationalists in the continent, those that are also fans of Brexit, believed they were planning to pull the European Union.

“Rather, although in the EU we talk everything, that there’s a discourse on what, on Brexit, there’s ever been unanimity.

“That is only because we’re referring to the security of a room that has to be welcoming for everybody and that may enable every person to defend their particular values and freedom.

“I don’t find any errors (from the European Union). We moved forward with determination to safeguard the taxpayers of the EU. We’re also caring for the British taxpayers, who chose to leave us.”

US President Donald Trump lately said other countries, such as Italy, could be a lot better off with no European Union.

Can Sassoli believe such statements as hindrance?

I was incorrect. Maybe since their election campaign starts, the United States is demonstrating a tougher position. I feel that European taxpayers have selected – and so are convinced – they are better off over the Union, where we could shield ourselves better than being lonely.

“There is not any single problem that European nations can resolve in there: from agriculture to business, to security and vitality. Which problems may European nations solve with no European Union?

Sassoli considers that immigration is just one of the issues where a frequent solution has to be found.

“Politics isn’t merely the act of imagining answers,” he explained. Obviously, on immigration, we need to create progress. My view is that this ought to be a European issue rather than problematic for single-member countries.”

Sassoli does not believe the institution of European-controlled secure zones in Libya, the beginning point of African American migration to Europe would get the job done.

“The reform of the arrangement between Italy and Libya has to be performed under the oversight of the United Nations. I feel this could be a fantastic step ahead.

“As far as Europe is concerned, we’ve noticed some nations, as a result of its confidence inspired by the new Italian authorities, have started a dialogue in Malta. Other nations have united and I think this is a great soul to construct something which isn’t only voluntarily. I feel it’s in everybody’s interest.

“There’s space for solidarity not just when it has to do with the problem of migration: for instance, there’s also the problem of defense. A nation like Finland, which has less than 6 million individuals, has an army of 150,000 individuals to safeguard a massive border which also functions for our safety.

The dilemma of defense brought the conversation to recent remarks from France’s President Macron. He explained that the circumstance at which Turkey has established an offensive to northern Syria indicated the brain death’ of NATO.

“Since 1953, there were talks on common European Union policy, but quite few measures are taken onto it so much,” explained Sassoli. “I want to find authorities commit longer to fulfill this gap and making certain that there’s a frequent defense policy together with the ability of deterrence that conveys peacekeeping missions under the aegis of the European Union.

“But in the present time, it is risky to undermine that which we now possess, hoping for something we don’t have. I think that now the Atlantic alliance and NATO are required “

Sassoli does not agree with suggestions that Europe has been held hostage by Erdogan.

Many things are happening in numerous nations. For instance in Lebanon, in which you will find just one and a half million refugees from a total of 3 million individuals.

Money is provided to the organizations which handle those camps. But that cash is exercising and Erdogan states:’I will not spend money on this.’

I feel that Europe has to do its responsibility for all these men and women who have escaped from war and would like to come back to their houses.”

However, the EU does not have a combined line on Europe. Last week, as an instance, the Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbàn obtained the Turkish president with a fantastic ceremony. Sassoli surrendered the EU was keeping tabs on Hungary:

“The European Union has lots of defects, however, it cares about its democratic version and the principle of law. It’s also able to manage what happens from the inner life of those nations. We’ve found it in Hungary, in Poland and we’ve noticed that it’s frequently made its voice heard over different kinds of dissent. I feel this is essential and this is the assignment of the European Union.”

Berlin Wall anniversary
“We were young and there was a major bash. Contemporary Europe was created together with the collapse of the wall socket. We’re better off today than previously, worse off, as the nationalists need us to think.

“We’ve reconciled a geographical area with our political worth, together with democracy and liberty. We constantly have to look closely at such processes. However, I don’t think anybody can say that it was before, not those young men and women who were observing at the moment.

Sassoli isn’t too concerned by the present apparent European branches.

“They’re organic,” he explained. “Do you believe they don’t argue in the USA, for instance? We talk about divisions in our countries and we are going to talk about them at the European Union. Nevertheless, the main issue is that this occurs in transparency. This is the power of this democratic system”

Blocked accession talks
Turning to the branch over the obvious block to further EU growth, there’s been tension between member countries concerning the accession talks for Northern Macedonia and Albania. However, Sassoli thinks that this is just momentary.

“The great majority of authorities, 25 to be exact, and all of the European institutions, the European Parliament, the Commission and the Council have said to begin the accession procedure,” he explained. “There were three states that stated no. I think they were incorrect, I told this to President Macron once I went to see him.

“I expect this dilemma can be solved immediately. How do we say no to people who wish to be with us? Might it be wise to create such a selection? I don’t think so.

I talked with each one of the parliamentary groups.

“Institutions and authorities want them to start their accession course and they expect this will occur in the forthcoming months.”

Can Sassoli think the present block to growth was taken to encourage part of public opinion that thinks it is vital to prioritize the strengthening of the EU 27?

“I feel that national issues have too much stress on European problems. National politicians must keep their domestic issues. (These problems ) have too much effect at the European level”

Closing the gap
Sassoli also talked of a single strategy that he submits to close the perceived gap between normal Europeans and its associations: he desires European Union buildings such as the parliament to open their doors to shelter displaced people:

“We’re dispersing all of the food that is left-handed at Parliament. Today we will need to discover ways to open the premises. We also need to guarantee security.

“We’re taking a look at ways to become helpful to the poor folks of Brussels that can find themselves in severe issues in the coming months”.