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European Council on Refugees blames Greece for islands migrant crisis

Last updated on November 14, 2019

Catherine Woollard’s remarks to Euronews’ Good Morning Europe arrived because the migrant problem in Greece and Bosnia has been discussed with the European Parliament on Thursday.

Earlier in the morning, over 300 migrants in the Greek islands of Moria and Chios came at the port city of Piraeus from the Attica area to be hauled on the mainland

Catherine Woollard known for the elimination of individuals from the islands as well as the end of this policy of containment and move in other EU member countries:

“The problem in Greece is the direct outcome of European coverage and especially the Greek-Turkey deal. So today the scenario will also be exacerbated by the law introduced by Greece.”

At the start of November, Greece declared the tightening of its asylum processes, bringing widespread condemnation from human rights groups and migrant advocacy bodies.

Woollard also resisted the treatment of migrants about the thresholds of the European Union:

“Yet, this goes unpunished and the European Commission recently suggested that Croatia be permitted to secede into the Schengen Area, regardless of the documentation of violations at the boundary.

“That is exacerbating the humanitarian catastrophe in Bosnia where approximately eight million people are left in limbo.”