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Europeans Find they are HIV positive’3 years after they infected’, experts warn

Europe has made great progress towards a goal of removing AIDS from 2030 but the late diagnosis of HIV remains a considerable problem, new statistics show.

AIDS cases dropped by almost a quarter in precisely the same period, the statistics reveal.

It may take three years to get the typical European individual infected with HIV to be diagnosed, ” it included.

“Too many individuals throughout the [area ] are diagnosed late (53 percent ), raising their risk of ill health, death, and onward HIV transmission,” that the ECDC explained.

“A large number of AIDS diagnoses in the East affirms that late HIV diagnosis remains a significant challenge.”

HIV-positive men and women that aren’t aware they are infected have no access to medication treatments and danger unknowingly passing the virus on other people.

The maximum number of cases per 100,000 individuals in Western Europe were reported in France, the uk, and Germany.

No remedy, but powerful remedies
HIV started spreading around the globe four years ago and murdered countless people in the 1980s and 1990s.

The virus damages cells from the immune system, weakening people’s capacity to resist regular infections.

When an individual’s immune system becomes severely damaged, they create AIDS, which is life-threatening.

There’s absolutely no cure for HIV, however, medication treatments now are extremely capable of enabling most people to live healthy lives.

Winnie Byanyima, manager of the United Nations program UNAIDSsaid it was significant that the world did replicate”the very same mistakes it made in the struggle against HIV” when reacting to COVID-19.

“Currently, over 12 million people are still waiting to get on HIV therapy and 1.7 million people became infected with HIV in 2019 since they couldn’t access services that are essential,” she explained.

Among the planet’s Sustainable Development Goals would be to remove AIDS as a public health hazard from 2030.

Byanima explained that the aim was”off course before COVID-19″, including: “We have to finish the social injustices that place people in danger of contracting HIV. And we have to fight for the right to health”