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Europeans flee China Because coronavirus cases continue to Grow

Last updated on February 3, 2020

Over 17 million people worldwide are infected with the coronavirus – that is according to the most recent tallies from China along with other contaminated nations.

The huge majority are about the mainland but new instances continue to get confirmed around the planet — together with the Philippines reporting that the very first death outside China.

Back in Europe, A range of those who’ve already been airlifted from China, are being tracked in quarantine facilities for almost any signs of this virus.

No magic bullet
He advised Good Morning Europe the fatality from the Philippines does not automatically signify a higher threat for the public, since the victim was suffering from different ailments that endangered his immune system.

Regarding measures to attempt and control individuals coming at European airports, Salminen stated it remains to be seen if they’ll be effective. The WHO has stated travel constraints need extensive resources and can result in social disruption. They can also result in a lack of transparency, even if nations fear verified instances could bring punitive financial consequences.

Vaccines are also not likely to offer a fast solution, Professor Salminen states, but there are a few promising drugs now being analyzed, which might help fight the effects of the virus.

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