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EU’s Jean Claude Juncker says Maybe Not too late to Brexit Bargain

There’s still time for London and Brussels to create a Brexit deal, outgoing European Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker said in comments released Sunday, as the clock runs down to some October 31 deadline.

Juncker also told the Spanish daily El Pais he desired the Commission had played a more active part in the 2016 British referendum to counteract”lies and bogus news”.

“I feel we have an opportunity to achieve an agreement,” the newspaper quoted Juncker as stating.

“I really don’t share the perspectives of people who believe that Johnson is playing games with us with himself,” he explained.

Britain’s departure from the EU”is really a terrible moment for Europe”, he explained.

Juncker said he hadn’t been surprised when a vast majority of Britons at 2016 voted for a death from the bloc, since they were advised by elites for decades which political marriage was a”Federalist folly” and a frequent market was adequate.

Nevertheless, it was a sorrow that the Commission maintained from this referendum campaign when requested to by then-prime minister David Cameron, Juncker said.

“We in the Commission chose not to intervene, at the petition of David Cameron, which was a major error,” he explained.

Britain is rushing toward its own October 31 death with no exit arrangement and confronts the threat of economic disruption which the government admits could lead to food shortages and provoke civil unrest.