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EU’s LIFE Awards recognise best Jobs for Sustainability and Environment

Sustainable, green, and climate-friendly jobs across Europe are recognized from the LIFE Awards, together with jobs to fight forest fires, discourage food waste, and better handle brown bears getting the very best prices.

The LIFE program capital ecological and climate-related jobs throughout the continent. The prize-giving occasion was a part of EU Green Week. Together with the coronavirus constraints set up throughout the continent, it was a virtual service, also finalists viewed as the awards were declared via webcam in their home states.

A job in Portugal known as FLAW4LIFE that takes misshapen and’ugly’ fruit and vegetables and sells them at a different, parallel combined marketplace won both Environment and Citizens awards, the latter the effect of a general survey.

The LIFE DINALP BEAR job brings together different stakeholders from the area to make a common global approach for this critical species.

With wildfires, a comparatively new phenomenon in central Europe, the objective of the project was to educate the people about the dangers and effects and also to draw together stakeholders such as landowners to produce a long-term prevention plan.

A unique’Adapting to COVID-19′ award was given to the Italian PrepAIR job, which had originally been funded to develop new approaches to enhance the air quality in the northern Po Valley area.

The project partners responded quickly to the pandemic, assisting coworkers in a different initiative to look into the connection between air pollution and COVID-19, in addition to the effects of the lockdown on air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions. The objective is to understand the various aspects that contribute to the poor air quality within this highly-populated area of Europe.

These personal success stories will need to be duplicated across the EU at scale and speed to help the EU reach its challenging EU Green Deal targets”.

The LIFE program is the EU’s financing tool for climate and environmental jobs, and now has a budget of 3.4 billion euros over 6 decades.