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Everything on the Menu in Kylie Jenner’s Friendsgiving

There is Thanksgiving and there is Friendsgiving–that is well, the same thing, but together with your favorite family. This weekend, Kylie Jenner hosted this kind of fete, where she served very the remarkable menu.

Jenner chronicled all of the yummy dishes on her Instagram tales. To start a huge menu of main’ cheese. “This is all about to enter the oven,” she captioned the picture.

She filmed a photo of her beans sautéeing at a bowl to get her green bean casserole.

Jenner’s candied yams, specifically, looked magnificent, as she shared with a closeup of these coated in sugar.

None to detract, Jenner’s Friendsgiving, additionally required a cooked turkey. “That turkey was moist,” she composed over a photograph of her entire plate.

Food was served buffet style: presume creamed corn, mashed potatoes, stuffing, in addition to biscuits and sweets for dessert. A charcuterie plate with crackers, cheese, fruit, and lettuce was available to bite on.

“Table from Kylie,” she wrote.

The table also contained some lively place cards instead of titles, guests obtained a few tongue-in-cheek monikers. On her narrative, sister Kendall Jenner revealed off nickname–“Daddy Long Legs.”

In case Friendsgiving was this lavish, an individual can just imagine what the Kardashian-Jenners would do to the actual holiday.