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Ex-birdkeeper Detained for stealing penguins & selling them Facebook

A former birdkeeper who uttered a set of penguins from a British zoo and marketed them Facebook was sentenced Friday to 32 months in prison.

Prosecutors stated Tomes broke into the zoo two in 2018, stealing the penguins and many other birds such as spoonbills, egrets, and macaws.

He had been detained after a monster collector who’d purchased the penguins for 9,000 lbs ($11,600) contacted a vet because the animals had been in poor health. Also, he noted the incident to authorities, regardless of the pleas of Tomes, who offered to provide back his money.

When Tomes went into the purchaser’s house together with the refund, he was arrested by waiting for police officers.

Wendy Evans of the Crown Prosecution Service said Tomes” revealed absolute disregard to the health of these birds he uttered from his prior company for his financial advantage.”

“In police interview that he denied committing the offenses, but once confronted with the overwhelming evidence against him he cautioned,” she explained.