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Ex-Chinese soldier Receives visa to See Indian Household

A Chinese surveyor of the People’s Liberation Army (PLA), who made headlines 2017 after his return to China after 54 years in India, has finally obtained a visa after a lengthy wait to reevaluate his family at Madhya Pradesh.

It eventually came earlier this week.

The identical year, he’d travelled back into Tirodi to be together with his ailing wife, who passed out shortly after.

But unlike in 2017 and 2018, when he obtained several entry visas to go to India in about a week, this time that the delay was extended at almost five months.

Wang Qi was seized at India after he crossed the boundary in 1963.

Following his release from prison in 1969, Wang married an Indian girl and had four kids.

Wang’s standing as a prisoner of war was not apparent and although police in India were conscious of his situation, he never left his own way back to China.

“I missed my loved ones and friends in India very much. I really don’t understand the Indian embassy in Beijing postponed my visa as long,” Wang stated from Xianyang, including he wishes to ask officials concerning the delay.

Wang was staying at a resort in Xianyang and arrived to Beijing thrice since April but moved back frustrated every time.

“After I get the visa, I’ll reserve my ticket instantly,” Wang explained.

“My dad applied for visa on April 17 in the embassy in Beijing,” his son, Vishnu Wang, informed HT out of Tirodi.

A couple of weeks after submitting his application form to get a visa, Wang was advised that there were errors from the form, which he should use again for a digital visa. In July, based on Vishnu, that program was rejected also. Wang needed to resubmit the program in July. Several emails and telephone calls to the embassy did not help.

The main reason behind the delay wasn’t made clear . Vishnu said the household, particularly the 3 grandchildren, were waiting to visit Wang after a very long gap.