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F1 driver Grosjean’s Automobile crashes and bursts into flames leaving him ‘minor burns’

Haas, the motorist’s F1 team, stated he’d sustained”minor burns on his legs and hands but he is ok”.

Grosjean has been transported to the hospital for additional medical investigation, they included.

Grosjean clambered from the vehicle soon afterward the flame blazed behind his helmet singed.

Footage of this race revealed the driver stuck within the flaming vehicle for nearly 10 minutes.

Security officials reached the automobile immediately however with Grosjean still trapped indoors.

After managing to locate a way out, he can be seen leaping through the flames held on to some boil metallic barrier to leap over it to the trail, shaking his hands before being aided by the stewards.

Grosjean was envisioned minutes later conversing with the race physician in the health care vehicle.

After the motorist was assisted into an ambulance he had a slight limp and seemed shaken, but didn’t seem gravely hurt.

“Romain is doing fine, I do not need to generate a health remark but he’d mild burns on his legs and hands. He is shaken… I wish to thank the extremely fast rescue crews. The marshals and FIA individuals did a fantastic job, it was frightful,” Guenther Steiner, team leader of the Haas Formula 1 Team explained.

Sports journalists covering the race said that the driver walking away in the wreck along with his life was a tribute to the improvements which were made in security over the game.

“Thanks to Medical Car motorist Alan van der Merwe, the circuit medical staff and marshals to their quick thinking and activities in becoming to Romain so soon after the crash,” Haas tweeted following the crash.

Viewers who had been seeing the race took to social media to share their shock and reconnect after Grosjean’s health after the shocking accident.

“Oh my gosh was in complete tears haven’t stopped shaking, however,” one man wrote on Twitter.

“That was frightful. Taking a look at the charred remains of the front of the Haas and so grateful that Grosjean managed to escape somehow. Far out. A relief to watch him on his toes after that.