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Facebook rebrands as Forecasts for government-led breakup continue

Last updated on November 7, 2019

The business declared in a blog article the brand, which keeps the title of their social media, could have a brand new emblem to indicate each of the many products and services that it currently provides, such as Instagram and WhatsApp.

“Now, we are upgrading our firm branding to become clearer about the goods which come from Facebook,” Antonio Lucio, the organization’s chief marketing officer, published in the blog article. “We are introducing a brand new business logo and further differentiating the Facebook firm from the Facebook program, which will continue to keep its branding”

The timing of this move is notable since the provider faces calls from politicians and consumer advocates for the authorities to break this up into different pieces.

“This new shift is a way to better convey our arrangement to the people and companies using our solutions to connect, discuss, build community and expand their audience,” Lucio wrote.

The logo features Facebook in capitalized letters using”custom typography.” The business said the new brand could look on Instagram, WhatsApp, and its other offerings.

Google produced a similar movement in 2015, but known as its parent firm Alphabet and restructured its own company to create Google a subsidiary.