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Facebook’s Twitter Accounts hacked

Facebook’s Twitter account has been murdered Friday, seemingly by that a Saudi-based group that’s been active in exposing vulnerabilities among high-profile societal networking consumers.

The team, OurMine, tweeted a message out on Facebook’s accounts that pointed the societal network 13.4 million followers on its site. The company claimed credit for its takeover within an email to NBC News.

“Well Facebook is hackable but their safety is much better compared to Twitter,” hackers tweeted only before 7 p.m. They stated companies interested in enhancing online security should see OurMine’s web site.

The tweet was taken down.

OurMine stated in an email the tweet was up for approximately 15 minutes.

“Yes we’re taking credit for the hack,” the team stated.

While OurMine is generally described as a set of hackers,” it stated its safety providers are”for-profit” Its social networking takeovers have received widespread attention.

On Jan. 27, before the Super Bowl, OurMine maintained responsibility for hijacking the societal networking reports of the NFL and a number of its groups.

The Twitter accounts of this losing 49ers were hijacked, but no tweets were printed. The group said in a statement, “We’re conscious of the problem and are working with NFL cyber safety and the programs to tackle it.”

“We don’t have any bad intentions and just care about the safety and privacy of all your account and community,” it said on its site.

The team said previously it selects goals for hacking”randomly”