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Far right Vox Celebration strikes a chord with disenchanted Spaniards

“We’re the third biggest political force in the nation, we’ve got 52 deputies!”

Often called the newest member of Europe’s far-right club – Vox came from the shadows following its achievement in regional elections from Andalusia, just one year ago. This time a few of its finest results came from the Community of Madrid.

Vox winners nationwide unity whilst promising to stop illegal immigration and governmental corruption.

Miguel Aguilera currently says 36 decades of socialist and communist energy in Parla attracted the local market to its knees.

In certain neighborhoods, many houses have become squats
Vox won around 30 percent of their vote in areas where many houses are turned to squats.

Repossessed by banks throughout the fiscal crisis, the houses have become victims of organized crime.

“Here you may see the entry to the garage, and this has no door, it had been ripped off,” says Miguel showing us round a residential location. Meaning that in case you come with sufficient cash, someone lets you in and opens you the door to a flat. And all these areas here have been squatted.”

It is a scenario that Vox would like to tackle – and one reason that individuals in Parla enjoy Kai Oliver Pohlschneider voted for your celebration.

His very own construction was lately squatted.

“it is a luxury construction, and here we have had a primary squatter settling,” states Kai. “I paid $300 000 because of my apartment and I came to live here since it is supposed to be among the finest neighborhoods in town. But today our flat is losing value”

“Many squatters are illegal immigrants, immigrants that come here illegally, with no work, without newspapers, requiring somewhere to reside in,” says Miguel. We are not against immigration! We are against uncontrolled and illegal immigration.”

Security on the roads is a concern for many

Kai and his wife abandon Madrid a couple of years back in search of a high quality of life in Parla, where they are bringing their two kids. It is a job they say was spoiled by developing insecurity.

“Today people are reluctant to go out at the road after ten at night since it has been the Bronx,” he states. That is the reason why we began voting for Vox: since we need solutions. We will need to use a little more force.”

“Since I had been disenchanted with all the thoughts of their other parties and the majority of all because the majority of the time they did not do exactly what they said they would do.”

Disillusioned by the Popular Party, she is currently counting on Vox to shield values she states are under danger.

What won her was that the party’s nationalist creed and its openness to change Spain’s system of regional autonomy. She likes its plans to reform the legislation on violence against girls which condemning Francoism.

Here civic feelings are nonexistent!” States Bianca. “People are hesitant to lift their flag. It is something that I can not understand. Spain has to be one state!

“One of the huge problems we have in Spain is that our system of regional autonomies. We have got to change it! We can not have 17 distinct parliaments, 17 different TV stations, 17 of everything. Since it is going to just make us bankrupt!

“Another thing that worries me is sex ideology. Vox needs equality between women and men. What Vox does not desire, is that for the same offense, sentences are not the same for both women and men!

“We are a democratic celebration, we’re a party with particular values. I’m against abortion needless to say. Such values aren’t in vogue now. If that is being far-right, then okay, we’re far-right since there’s no one to the right people.”

Young activists seek nationwide renewal

These values can also be precious to younger Vox fans. They were crucial to the party’s success in the previous election.

Jaime Fernandez is a portion of this Vox youth division team in control of social media.

“I learned about Vox on social networking,” he states. “And I think that it’s a really important instrument for getting our message straight from the origin to the reader, without having to experience other individuals, who may misinterpret what we say.”

For young activists, the Country, family, and heritage, are fundamental to their devotion. However, Vox the state is over all of the celebration of renewal for Spain.

“I think we represent true liberty,” says pupil Alvaro Perez. “I want to find a Spain of liberty, equality, and unity. These are the 3 items I want to get, and most importantly, prosperity.”

“And a Spain in which the family is fundamental,” adds Jaime. “Because with all the version that we’ve now which divides households with taxation, by now I am 65 or even 70, pensions are going to be a matter of the past”

“What I need today that Vox has made it and is here to stay,” says pupil Alejandro Gozalo. “Is for this to put money into the Spanish individuals, to put money into what we desire.”