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Festival to showcase classical-inspired Modern Indian dance

Last updated on August 30, 2019

A classical-inspired modern Indian dancing program will take center stage in the University of Johannesburg’s Youth Arts Festival here. To be held in particular cooperation with Washington-based Dakshina Dance Company, the performances will draw the joys of classical Indian dancing while joining modern energy to add genres which senses of life. “As Tribhangi Dance Theatre celebrates 30 years this season, a part of our heritage will be to continue to inspire, instruct and engage with audiences and artists towards creating a South Africa that we are pleased with.

“Social cohesion and an intercultural dialog will always stay at the forefront of the job,” choreographer and TBT founder Jayesperi Moopen, stated.

Tribhangi Dance Theatre has over the years specialized in an exceptional mixture of Indian, modern, African American and Afro blend dance forms which have seen audiences in many countries such as Mauritius, Lesotho, Botswana, Germany, India, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Canada, and the uk.
Organizers stated among the primary aims was to utilize the arts as an instrument for cultural diplomacy. She’s among the top voices anchored in customs but also discovering hybrid vocabularies,” Daniel Phoenix Singh, creator of Dakshina Dance Company, stated.

“We’re also busy planning Tribhangi trip to Washington DC at 2020 and anticipate dance in a lot more projects together,” he added.