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Finland investigates complaints of police Involvement in Black Lives Issue protest

Finland is investigating complaints which Helsinki authorities participate in a Dark Lives Matter demonstration.

Uniformed officers supposedly held protest signs and gave onsite interviews in support of a demonstration from Senate Square on June 3.

Complaints criticized the authorities for their obvious impartiality and for permitting tens of thousands of taxpayers to demonstrate, despite COVID-19 pandemic limitations.

On May 19, the regional authorities from Finland banned public gatherings of over 500 individuals until June 30, as a result of security and hygiene issues.

Parliamentary Ombudsman Petri Jääskeläinen stated in a statement the 16 complete complaints were filed against the Helsinki Police Department.

Three other anonymous reports of improper police behavior also have been made through an internal integrity station.

Police existence to”track public order and safety”
The police killing of George Floyd in the USA on May 25 triggered countless protests across the globe against police violence and social injustice.

Approximately 3,000 people gathered peacefully in Helsinki on June 3, chanting slogans such as”Black resides issue” and showing”I can not breathe” signals.

A preliminary report has suggested that Helsinki authorities were advised two days before a demonstration would happen in Senate Square.

A tweet from Helsinki Police on June 3 affirms that officers were in attendance to”track public order and safety”.

But authorities said they were advised that the number of participants in the protest could be”inside the allowable limitation”.

The police requested organizers to halt the protest” when possible” because of government limitations and the protest was called to finish after about one hour.

Following this protestors continued to proceed throughout town under police control before a”small number” assembled at the steps of Parliament.

Some complaints regarding police behavior alleged that officials had been more balanced in their authorities of government limitations.

On May 8, Helsinki authorities had intervened when 12 people assembled in front of Parliament House, protesting”to the institution of the Constitutional Court”.

Authorities called for a decline in the number of participants, as parties were, at the moment, limited to ten individuals below the Regional State Administrative Agency.

However, Helsinki Police said in a statement the demonstration on May 8 had been”essentially prohibited” because the government had been notified beforehand.

Police also state the organizer of the protest didn’t consent to produce the collecting lawful and has been accountable for violating assembly principles.

Finland’s Parliamentary Ombudsman has requested for more info about how authorities had ready for the Dark Lives Issue demonstration on June 3 and also the reason why this demonstration was permitted to last.

Finland’s Interior Ministry was asked to research the issue, and have until October 30 to submit an opinion.