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Finnish City Offers Sailors cake (along with other Benefits ) for cutting CO2 emissions

A city in Finland is supplying cake, free transportation tickets along with other benefits to sailors that reduce their carbon emissions.

Lahti, located 100 kilometers north of Helsinki, has generated a program that monitors residents’ CO2 outlays according to if they travel by car, public transportation, bicycle, or on foot.

The program, known as CitiCAP and designed with European Union funding, provides volunteers an annual carbon monoxide.

If their allowance isn’t exhausted, participants receive virtual cash which may be used to get bus tickets, access to the swimming pool, or even a bit of cake.

“You can make up to 2 euros (a week) in case your journey emissions are extremely low,” stated the project’s research supervisor, Ville Uusitalo. “However, this fall, we need to improve the price “

Presently, around 44 percent of excursions in town is deemed sustainable.

The city, which can be the EU’s 2021 Green Capital, intends to significantly decrease its environmental impact during the next ten decades.

“Lahti is still quite determined by automobiles. Our objective is that by 2030 over 50 percent of excursions will be reached via a sustainable way of transportation,” stated the head of this undertaking, Anna Huttunen.

Typically, a resident Lahti — inhabitants 120,000 individuals –“emits the equivalent of 21 kilograms of CO2 a week”, based on Uusitalo.

Up to now, 2,000 citizens have downloaded the program, with as much as 200 of these using it concurrently.

CitiCAP’s developers expect similar programs, in the long run, can help people handle their consumption-related emissions.

“Mobility is simply part of the carbon footprint,” explained Uusitalo.