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First Gandhi statue installed in Scottish City

The scenic town of Ayr on the south-west shore of Scotland became the first Scottish spot to set up a statue of Mahatma Gandhi, marking a different location from the United Kingdom to honor the life and times of their iconic leader of India’s independence struggle.

A bust of Gandhi premiered in Edinburgh’s Saughton Park by former Prime Minister that I K Gujral in 1997, however, the statue at Ayr made by sculptor Gautam Pal is your very first complete statue in part of the UK that delivered many Scots into colonial India as soldiers and bureaucrats.

The statue was introduced in the Ayr city hall this week from the consul-general of India Anju Ranjan and Helen Moonie, provost of the South Ayrshire within an event attended by MPs, councilors, academics, leaders of community organizations and agents of the military and police.

A plaque near the statue conveys Gandhi’s words:’There is not any way to peace; peace is the way’.

Moonie remembered connections between Gandhi and Robert Burns, Scotland’s national poet born in Ayrshire: “We’re proud of similarities between South Ayrshire and India plus a particular link between Mahatma Gandhi and Robert Burns.”

“Both fought against social injustice and utilized their specific gifts to carve out their place in history.”

The event comprised a cultural operation featuring Gandhi’s favorite’bhajan,’ ‘Vaishnava Janata’ by Preetha Nirmala, Bharat Natyam with a troupe headed by Radha Krishnan, and highland dancing by local school kids.

Gandhi’s statue in Ayr is the newest to be set up in the united kingdom within the years. A life-size statue is to be set up in Manchester’s famous Medieval Quarter on November 25 at a town struck by the May 2017 terror attack that killed 22 people through a music concert.