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Fiscal lockdown’reduces International Contamination levels’ – European Space Agency

The lockdown targeted at fighting the spread of COVID-19 has affected pollution levels – they are dropping.

Also as apparently better water from the canals of Venice, fresh information from the European Space Agency’s Copernicus Sentinel Satellite reveals a dramatic and extreme decrease in air pollution throughout hard-hit Italy – and outside.

“It is a sad sign that the financial action goes, but because of our world, that’s a relief, since the pollution levels will also be diminishing.

“Our world is amazing, but extremely fragile and I believe a lot of men and women see our world and this pollution brought on by human beings at a different perspective today.

“So I believe for the climate change dialogue, this is surely an eye-opening monitoring”.

However, the phenomenon isn’t just being felt in Europe; damaging industrial carbon dioxide levels in China have shrunk, at least partially, as a consequence of its coronavirus containment steps and following economic downturn.