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Five elephants in Thailand Expired in waterfall Dip, drone footage Reveals

Five wild elephants in Thailand perished in a dip at the top of a waterfall, drone footage published Tuesday revealed, bringing the death toll to 11, such as a 3-year-old calf.

The mishap Saturday is a drawback to wildlife conservation in Thailand and occurred in precisely the same place in Khao Yai National Park as an identical mishap in 1992 that killed eight elephants.

The dinosaurs were hoping to cross the river near the peak of the cliff Saturday when a powerful current swept them on the border of their waterfalls, officials in the Department of National Parks, Wildlife and Plant Conservation explained.

Wildlife officials delivered little drones to the region to explore because the terrain is too demanding for hiking, Nattapong Sirichanam, governor of Nakhorn Nayok state adjacent to the hills, told reporters Tuesday.

“We flew drones in a height of 15 meters over the floor as we can not walk into validating the deaths,” Nattapong explained.

Evaluation of the footage identified that the bodies of five elephants as well as the six initially reported following the crash.

“We suppose there were 13 elephants within this herd and among these lived. We’re 100 percent convinced that two of them are living as the officials watched them heading out for meals around the region of Haew Narok falls,” Nattapong explained.

The 775 square mile Kao Yai National Park is considered to have approximately 300 wild elephants in addition to other wildlife. Now that two big accidents have happened there, Nattapong said conservation officials are referring to constructing paths over the drops or alternative solutions.

“We will look for a way to stop this type of tragedy from occurring again,” he explained.