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Footage shows octopus Altering colour in her Sleeping

Last updated on October 1, 2019

Do octopuses fantasy? Here really is the question marine biologists are inquiring after seeing footage of among those mollusks sleeping, which caught her shifting color multiple occasions during the evening.

Scientists consider the color changes could indicate what is happening in her fantasies.

You can almost simply narrate the entire body changes and narrate the fantasy.

“So here she is asleep, she sees that a crab and her color starts to change just a tiny bit. Then she turns dark. That is camouflage like she is just dim a crab and she is likely to sit there and eat it and she does not want everyone to see her.”

He added: “it is a really strange behavior to see that her color come and go on her mantle like this. Just to have the ability to see all of the various color patterns only flashing one after another. You do not usually see that if a creature is sleeping. This is fascinating.”