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Football Lovers could be Let back into stadiums by October: UEFA Main

“It is miserable from the arena in which you hear that the coaches shout,” Ceferin told AP. “It is not the same soccer, but it is still better than nothing. I expect that we’ll have some audiences in October. I believe we ought to start whether the problem with COVID does not worse”

But having just handed out that the European Cup — three weeks later than planned — UEFA is watching anxiously as the new season is currently being bothered by coronavirus instances, he added.

But that’s how last year should have been finished before the pandemic compelled UEFA in March to postpone its quadrennial event.

The shortage of a vaccine, as well as the unpredictability of this pandemic, introduces more logistical complexities for a championship that’s already utilizing 12 cities around Europe, together with the semifinals and final at Wembley Stadium in London.

“For today, everybody checked and for now we stick to our strategy to perform 12 states,” Ceferin explained. “However, in February, we did not understand that we wouldn’t play the Euro this season. So we’re prepared to adapt to any type of situation.

“However, for the time being, it seems like we’ll play exactly the identical system in 12 states and I am convinced we can take action next year”

‘We Will Need to evaluate the situation’
Postponing Euro 2020 has cost UEFA $100 million, Ceferin prices. The financial impact might be higher on UEFA and European soccer nations if there’s additional disruption into the staging of this tournament.

“We might need to evaluate the problem when we eventually get the vaccine and matters get regular because, for the time being, you do not understand what’s going to happen… and when the problem will get regular,” Ceferin explained. “The largest problem in all that’s predictability.”

Teams from Kosovo have experienced matches postponed this month as a result of gamers contracting COVID-19.

“This is among the most difficult things concerning the qualifying for the time being,” Ceferin explained. “However, if the authorities will respond in a manner they don’t let teams perform, then we’ll need to believe the teams from these states might need to play a neutral floor.”

The immediate priority is the fact that the 55 national teams crisscrossing Europe can perform with their Nations League matches in a couple of weeks.

“Countries are on the green record now and reddish listing tomorrow,” Ceferin explained. “We had some instances in soccer, rather a few. So that the thing is, it is quite challenging and very hard. On top of this, unpredictable. And you will never know what’s going to happen tomorrow”