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Former French President Nikolas Sarkozy due under court on corruption charges

Additionally accused are his attorney, Thierry Herzog, also Gilbert Azibert, a former magistrate in the Court of Cassation, France’s highest court of appeal.

What’s Nicolas Sarkozy accused of?

The situation goes back to 2013 when judges decided to wiretap the president amid an investigation on potential Libyan funding of the 2007 presidential effort.

At that moment, Nicolas Sarkozy has been having a fictitious name,” Paul Bismuth”, to make telephone calls to telephone his attorney.

They spoke about the conclusion the Court of Cassation was going to take concerning the seizure of presidential diaries in another case where the charges had been dismissed.

The Court had to decide if the diaries might be utilized in different investigations involving Sarkozy.

The wiretaps direct the judges to guess the president and his attorney of attempting to influence the judge in the case,” Gilbert Azibert, in exchange for a position in the Council of State at Monaco.

What’s Nicolas Sarkozy protecting himself?
The former president refutes any strategy to the Monaco government on behalf of Gilbert Azibert.

Prosecutors have underlined that if Azibert didn’t”get the job,” the only solicitation or approval” from the parties involved will be adequate evidence of guilt.

What would the paragraph be?
In case the accusations of corruption have been proven afterward Sarkozy faces a prison sentence of up to ten decades plus a fine of a thousand euros.

And this isn’t the sole legal barrier he is facing.

Currently retired from politics, he is also preparing for the trial over his campaign expenditures for the 2012 presidential election.